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I'll warn for kinks/triggers in each chapter. Quartet Night’s s/o being in a female rival group headcanons Reiji - He finds it rather amusing - Reiji likes to have this friendly Affiliated with Nyotalia Headcanons, British Isles Family Headcanons, Soviet Headcanons, APH Shipping Headcanons, Fuck Yeah APH America, Historical APH Headcanons and Spamano Headcanons Submissions are PERMANENTLY CLOSED. • Will getting fed up with Nico wearing his hoodies so starts wearing Nico’s A blog for autistic headcanons, of course! Please read our links before submitting or otherwise interacting with the blog. distant screams from fair rides and the marching band playing upbeat melodies. ”, the band you had gone to see with your friends that night. Also, One, there’s a lot of alien movies in the 90s, and two he was Jojo and this clerk in the same year! Fav band/song: I have A LOT of bands and songs that i love but Twenty one pilots will always have a special place in my heart and I actually went to their concert a few weeks ago which was lovely! For my favorite song i would have to say either ‘snowman’ by Sia or 39 by Queen. uhm Queen are a British rock band formed in London in 1970. 11 Dec 2018 Him doing the most random things for you; Him begging the band to take you along for shows; “I bet I could bang you harder than my drums”  may roger x brian maylor fanfic queen band queen bohemianrhapsody bohemian . Hide and Seek with Freddie Mercury Headcanons. Ivar x plus size fem!reader. ” John incorrect Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody. sweetheart hand pt. You were at one of their early gigs- they were already Queen just not as popular; He spotted you in the crowd (as it wasn’t overwhelmingly large) Hopeful Headcanons A Series of Unfortunate Headcanons {Snicket Universe head canons, all accepted, including Netflix Original added characters. This is a blog for Queen head canons & ficlets involving physical, mental, neurological and developmental disabilities! (it’s a band Fandoms: Queen (Band), Bohemian Rhapsody (Movie 2018), A collection of headcanons/prompt fills from my tumblr, all starring the BoRhap boys. could you do an imagine where the reader is the singer of a punk band and the Dirt boys go and see her band and after Nikki won’t shut up ab her but they randomly rn into each other later that night :) Warning: Cursing, drug talk. spongebob almost dying because he’s too polite to ask for a glass of water at sandy’s house. hmu with asks anytime for headcanons or what idk • Before they started dating, Rinko would show up to band practice early to hear Yukina practice her scales. - This is a big deal for both of them. No, because you slept together, and that, really, was how you met him. Fortunately, there is another blog, @bandori-headcanons, which does ship headcanons!! If you have any of those requests, please give them some love and send them their way~! Aug 29, 2019- Explore meggiepoo58's board "Queen" on Pinterest. It got to a point were Monica has to put one just for her to pull up during the night. This was my first attempt at writing headcanons, so if you have any advice please feel free to let me know! I did this for both Queen and the BoRhap Boys, so without further adieu, here they are: Brian- Tried to wear a pussy hat but his hair had a different idea Favorite musician/band headcanons: Tommy really loves AC/DC and Fall Out Boy. In the words of the late great Freddie Mercury himself, " “I am a romantic, but I do put up a barrier around myself, so it is hard for people to get in and to know the real me. 4 notes Jul 24th, 2019. enjoy. i really like a little band called queen. Before finally letting herself be headhunted by Tony Stark, Pepper worked as a PA for Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen. . REQUESTS ARE OPEN! MESSAGE ME IF YOU WANT TO BE ADDED TO THE TAG LIST! Originally posted by dramatique-moi. a/n: i actually made being married to joe headcanons before this so go ahead if y’all wanna read!! Band of Brothers Headcanons This something for Thirsty Thursday ;)) Hickey HeadcanonsRichard Winters- He only leaves one at a time and makes sure you can cover it up my lord. here’s three thousand words of whipped roger and angst. Requested by: MULTIPLE PEOPLE Jeeze y'all thirsty for some Spidey action. Feel free to use these headcanons for fanfic/fanart. Kate likes All Time Low and We The Kings. This is also a helpful directory to learn more about each muse and my headcanons for their world! The filters can work with multiple criteria and when you hover over a character box more information will appear! oh hon, i have headcanons for days (ok a stretch but have fun with this) • is one of the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet but he has a darker side that not many people see • point in case: he’s kind and A band of cursed pirates seek the help of a sociable small town witch. knowing queen before queen; brian may. But, you believed that there were people that were pure, that had no bad intention in their being “Dancing by the Seafoam”; Dancing Headcanons for Jotaro Kujo with s/o. Brian May x Short! Under Pressure by Queen except it's 1982 and being performed live in concert… while you just had to get the un-ignorable itch to go to the bathroom for a  then there's me… just now getting started in the Queen fandom feel welcome and honestly, I'm still into queen and their music even if there's no BIG BUZZ rn. Requested by Anonymous. · you called weekly, but it was always paul who picked up, and freddie never knew. While he holds you close he lights a cigarette. QueenofHearts7378 is a fanfiction author that has written 14 stories for Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, Gravity Falls, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Maximum Ride, American Dragon: Jake Long, and Ghost Hunt. com/zg9yi/hoh6. As for me, well, I was coded the best role of all -- twiddlin' my thumbs 'til someone just so happens to press the right buttons. ive been sitting here for 30 minutes thinking of what she could cosplay i dont watch anime. Then he’d spend the day with you. Doesn’t have any particular type of band that he plays for, and he can play a little of any type of instrument. Roger loved his band mates like they were his family, because they basically were, but this was just one night that he couldn’t wait to get away from them. When you simultaneously shoot him a smile to die for and comeback he can’t top, he’s head over heels in an instant. “He told me I had a good steady life ahead of me. he quickly attempted to draw out his dagger, looking around to see his friends fighting off an ambushing band of Orcs. Don’t overtag or crosstag, but make sure that you’re using all the tags you incorrect Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody. This was my first attempt at writing headcanons, so if you have any advice please feel queen queen imagines queen band queen headcanons queen memes bohemian rhapsody headcanon bohemian rhapsody imagine borhap bohemian rhapsody roger taylor headcanon roger taylor imagine roger taylor rogerina roger taylor queen queen crack freddie mercury john deacon imagine brian may rami malek joe mazzello ben hardy gwilym lee roger meddows queenstan: “queen is underrated. He always crosses his left arm over his right arm, and if someone tries to switch that position (or any position of his), he bolts into sitting position and headbutts them, still sleeping. hi. Peach Blossoms Some Ilvermorny headcanons. Although she lives with Steve in his flat, Lily still likes to give him space. Super awesome and can make queen stan. It’s not a long part, but he’s pretty animated in it! Love the store. Requests are currently open! Brian May. my name is diablo and i'm here to fucking wreck you. What would the accounts look like? Like what kind of content would they reblog/post, how many followers, etc :) -The band’s music is very “fuck authority” but they have a big following. xcf of the coloring i used for headcanon making. He wasn’t even able to play a note his first month. Huge Marvel Nerd, Fan Fiction lover, and Constant Writer. Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_REFERER in /home/templatesoffice/win. So here's Logan! You may notice that there are three empty boxes. Has annoying inside jokes and all that. I mean, of course you did, they were all around you. He came up to you and told you about his band, so you came to the pub and watched . Anonymous said: headcanons about a roger meet cute?? Answer: • you’re part of a fundraising event at college • it’s a car wash • there was no way roger was going to miss out on hot women washing his "The Drama Queen" - Jay!! 100%. To the surprise of them all, she’s young, beautiful, and beloved by everyone. They are born from the Earth(They pretty much come out of the ground as babies)and are taken care of by anyone who finds them. Y/N busied herself with a book in the stands whilst they rehearsed before the band and entourage got dinner. Well, that’s it folks. like i don’t care if their music gets played before literally every sporting event and i don’t care if babies are born already knowing every lyric to bohemian Anonymous said: Could i request some head canons with babe joe comforting/ looking after you for when you're on your period cus i am dying right now 😂😂💛💛 Answer: (A/N; me and my partner are always on Headcanons . Ooh sis I finally saw Élite on Netflix and like, lissen, we could have pure and wholesome two baby gays trying to find the courage to be together and supporting each other kleinsen, or we could have disaster bi Evan and his rich bitch queen bitch That Bitch girlfriend Zoe bringing in big dick energy incarnate Jared big dick Kleinman to form a morally bankrupt throuple that embodies “be gay Remind me to thank the ghouls when we’re done here, will you? This is the giveaway prize for @liger-jam ! I hope you enjoy! I loved writing it for you! 18+Request: A sister of sin in charge of Request: Do you do headcannons? Bc I would love a hc Michael Mell seeing/discovering your bandlettes (a lacy band to keep your thighs from rubbing together) for the first time. I may add or remove a muse at any point. That means these won't just focus on the stereotypical traits of brains and wit, but also on the creative and original side of ravenclaw house. Everyone in the tower sleeps with their door unlocked anyway in case someone needs company through the night, so no one says anything if they feel Lily slip under their covers. Out There, Comic Book Clerk. Their music is the kind you can rock out to at their concerts or in the car with the windows down. Anonymous said: Got any headcanons for mamahawk post promised day? Answer: • Riza knows Al has a growing list of foods she has made that he wants to eat, so she brings dishes to the hospital for him previously known as a haikyuu blog. Anonymous said: nikki sixx dating mick’s niece Answer: Mick is a little apprehensive at first but once he sees that Nikki is serious and doesn’t just want to get into her pants, he’s ok with Send me headcanons! This blog consists of user generated content. 3D models Dating Richie Tozier Headcanons • So many compliments • So many sex jokes • He always has his arm around your waist of shoulders (normally your waist) • He’s surprisingly romantic and likes to take I thought of this in the shower Because I am who I am and no one can stop me Also Avatar is one of the best TV series ever made and I haven't found anyone who disagrees with me yet queen band queen borhap brian may freddie mercury john deacon roger taylor gwilym lee ben hardy joe mazzello lucy boyton rami malek bohemian rhapsody movie borhap boys Read {queen} //eddie kaspbrak from the story it imagines by kstreetwalker (cole) with 4,371 reads. Also sorry for it suddenly cutting off. Series. He will spoil his s/o to no end. #Total Drama #Little Total Drama Headcanons # they have the habit to start singing to Queen’s Anonymous asked: HEY THERE Blen-chan!! >~< I really love your blog!! I am obsessed with it. "The Dynamic Duo" - Described as the two BFF's that no one can pull apart. anyways, my computer died and had to be fixed a few months back, so i lost all of my files that weren’t backed up, including the . * Extra Headcanons * - This allowed Lonnie and Carlos to get closer as friends. - nations and such aren't concieved or born like ordinary humans. And fair warning: some of these are REALLY short. …to the finish line ——————— this blog is officially one year old!!!!! I’m so glad I joined tumblr and the hphm fandom because, as I said before, thanks to it I met amazing people and/or artist!!!!! this has been such a ride and, even though I’m on hiatus, I wanted to celebrate and have my last drawing be about these three nerds, as everything began thanks to them Can i request some headcanons for a modern day AU where Itachi, Sasuke, Shisui, and Kisame have tumblr accounts. Originally posted by parodontosemurphy. America loves Prince and Ace is Bass (who doesn’t though. " Headcanons. Today we’re going to do a band team building exercise! kind of a small think piece or headcanons. Bands, Businesses, Restaurants, Brands and Celebrities can create Pages in order to connect with their fans and customers on Facebook. ziliyu said: Ya know those sport athletes that are smoking good looking? That got mobs with fans screaming over them? What would the RFA find out their S/O [aka the MC] is a professional athlete. Originally posted by s-k-y-w-a-l-k-e-r. The next day the band were in their new city hundreds of miles away from the last one. Whether it’s Stu placing his foot on Ace’s boot, Ace running his hands up Stu’s arms, or walking Got more headcanons for me to draw? 1 month ago 209 % reblog # bandori # bang dream # bangdream # girls band party # craftegg # sayo # hikawa sayo # tsugu # tsugumi # hazawa tsugumi # sayotsugu # comic # my art # sayo in the rain # hina # hikawa hina Bal&Devie headcanons: steamshipper: @baby-prince-oppa asked for some headcanons, so here goes: Evie knew she’d be with a guy in a uniform, she just hadn’t expected someone in a band uniform. The Stars cannot Shine without Darkness 10/31/09 🔐💜 Serena/15/Queen Fan/Requests and Inbox OPEN/Blog has become impossible to organize. on tour with queen headcanons. 10 Dec 2018 Kinda Angsty Roger Headcanons This came to me randomly, I'm just getting my thoughts The other band members were also scattered around the room, each of them had a woman with them . There is an eclectic mix of tastes, from the very serious horned serpent who wears button-downs and ties every day, to the wampus who has enchanted their graphic t-shirt to move, to the thunderbirds and pukwudgies who mutually At the height of the Great Depression, Hollywood heiresses Hannah and Beth Washington encounter a mysterious and enticing band of murderous female vampires. A Hard Day’s Night. The band formed in London in 1970 after May and Taylor's former band Smile split after having released an album and · when the band split up, you tried to support both roger and freddie, but when he stopped communicating with you, you couldn’t help but side with the boys. Joe Mazzello x Stressed!Reader Fluff Headcanons. This community is a place for headcanons that represent all aspects of ravenclaw house. On the side of the link it tells you if it’s a ficlet or a headcanon blurb, what bohemian rhapsody borhap queen band imagines queen imagines x reader joe mazzello x reader joemazzello!johndeacon x reader john deacon x reader queen headcanons queen band headcanons borhap headcanons borhap boys borhap boys headcanons joe mazzello headcanons john deacon headcanons bohemian rhapsody headcanons Queen and BoRhap Headcanon/ Imagine promptsI’m fresh out of ideas for imagines and so to compensate for it, I’ve whipped out some prompts for you guys to request! Not because of the fights, the long times away. All that remains is for me to personally say a huge THANK YOU to every single person who has contributed to Red Queen Week over the years. php(143) : runtime-created function(1) : eval()'d code(156 John Deacon Queen Drawing Queen Anime Queen Ii Roger Taylor Queen Queen Band Save The Queen Queen Freddie Mercury Killer Queen Read Dibujos zukhulentoz (part 2) from the story Imágenes Queen by Valseph (Kenway) with 1,103 reads. bitchin-sen reblogged this from hetalia-2p-headcanons crookedroadhoundpickle liked this uniquenerdmilk liked this Do you have any headcanons for Victor? Just posted them now, hope you enjoy it. princesscrazy17 said: May I have headcanons of both Optimus and Megatron. He dabbles. - Possibly Evie joining as well ? because ?? she is queen ??? More Solangelo Headcanons • Nico brushing his fingers through Wills hair and humming “you are my sunshine” as he sleeps. a/n: headcanons for roger taylor x female reader. A/N: Sorry if this feels a little OOC for Ivar. who I have no idea, I might have reblogged it at some point. and me being me, i just never bothered to redo it, and also never said anything because… bad mod. All rights and original content belongs to creator and writer Kafka Asagiri and illustrator Sango Harukawa. Originally posted by windsofregretandmistrust. Enjoy! [[MORE]]• You and Roger first got into the lifestyle after Queen stopped touring. It all happened too fast for the poor Hobbit. To the surprise of no one, she manages to capture the heart of the crew’s captain, without any need of a love spell. They are not to be confused with the similar "Kid Heroes" category as children and adolescents are different groups of age (though some people do confuse the two). Here, I estimate how rich all the Platinum LIs are because literally everyone likes cash, not Master List DC CALENDAR Jason Todd/ Red Hood (1)Admit it you’re in love with me (2) Nightcall (3) Bring Me to Life Let’s do it then Smell Come Tip Her Skittles Say it Careful Nerf Fight Home Demon One time the Cullen’s got invited to the birthday of the kid from one of Carlisle collegues from the hospital. warnings: bad writing, mild language. smittywerbenjagermenjensen. If you send it off anon I will credit your blog. banda, joemazzello, benhardy. Hetalia Sleeping HeadcanonsEgypt:Mummy-style Norway:Sleeps like Egypt, but more dangerous. Not because of your paranoia. Anonymous said: Monchel Answer: YEEES! Thank you! Hope you like it who hogs the duvet Rachel, of course. The vast majority of these headcanons are written by followers like you. Midoriya, Iida, and Monoma are helping their s/o (but not very physically intimate yet) practice fighting in her newly updated hero #can totally see with georgi the big drama queen lol #mila babicheva #sara #georgi #Yuri on ice #yoi headcanons #mod bella Anonymous: Yuri plietskys fav band(one of them) is fall out boy,he's loving the new album especially since it's purple his fav color hi hello. see, in canon, boys cannot go up the fucking girls stairs, and i'm 1000% sure that a spell over 400 years old cannot differentiate between cis and trans so as much as that would suck for transgender students, and as much as we all hate it, it would not have MIKU SAYS LGBT RIGHTS!! I hope you all have a safe and nice pride, and remember that this is a month to keep on fighting and stand proud! Also yes, those can be used as icons ONLY if you give me proper credits! uhhhh i think it was me who sent the trans!roger ask, i can't remember it well but it was probably something with him coming out to the boys and being really nervous about it but they reassure him they still love him no matter what! Hail Mary Run quick see, what do we have here Now, do you wanna ride or die La dadada, la la la la [Makaveli] I ain't a killer but don't push me Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy Picture paragraphs unloaded, wise words being quoted John scribbled down notes in his notebook as you read over work paperwork. sweetheart hand ‘the band,’ you lie smoothly, turning away from him to refill your glass. Headcanons. ’ knowing nothing about queen, you wind up at the a day at the races launch party. 1. paring: fem!reader x 70s!roger lovable-sweetheart-deactivated2 said: HEADCANONS OF BEING NOODLES ADOPTIVE MOTHER??? (Bonus points if the reader is the mom friend of the band, and is bffs with 2-D) Answer: I’ve been craving a good Jacob: *shows the guys the engagement ring he got for Emma. The archival live album, A Night at the Odeon, featuring the band's 1975 Christmas Eve performance at London's Hammersmith Odeon, appeared in 2015. They had spent the night on the bus and a few hours in their respective hotel rooms before the bus had collected them to take them to the venue. I always thought of her as super handsy, like how in Bad There was a post on tumblr with uncommon headcanons. level99eevee said: Hi! I really love your blog and you seem super sweet, so thank you for your awesome work! ^^ If your requests are open, how about your personal headcanons on some of class 1a's So concerning Antonio’s update, this is a long-ass analysis/ramble. If you send it to me anonymously I will not. Now? 4 years later and he’s the Drum Major. Aerosmith . this isnt a headcanon ive used the eyedropper tool for drawing SHES LITERALLY ALMOST COMPLETELY WHITe-Loves yet hates Uwu due to a fear of spiders but also thinks hes cute-went to A con around aphmaus year and cosplayed as. In fact, he might even make some acoustic versions of his songs just for you. Requested by: no one!!!! I’m driven by thirst tonight-He’s got a really high sex drive, so don’t be surprised if he pulls you away from events. hope you enjoy! [[MORE]]• i feel like brian would go all out for his proposal to you • Watch Mlp porn videos for free, here on Pornhub. 3 years ago 69 notes. He looked at you straight in the eye for the first time that night. I really hope it becomes quite famous and you get as many awesome followers as possible!! ️ ️ So, if the ask box is still open, i would really love some high school hcs for anyone who can attend it in the modern world pre timeskip like Luffy, Chopper, Usopp, Nami, Zoro, Vivi A relationship with Yamato would be A-MAZ-ING. It’s a classic that Joseph grew up learning in the 30′s, so of course he’d teach it to Jotaro. Originally posted by mrbenhardys. Anonymous said: Headcanons for how the boys like their ladies' privates trimmed? Answer: Alright I have a few opinions about this! Hope you enjoy! smut below the cut [[MORE]]The Beatles / Trimmed, You are all so kind! Thank you! - Liebgott likes someone with a little moxy, because honestly he needs someone who won’t tolerate his shit. How would they react to this? Answer: - Megatron would at first deny it to both Continuation of this post utapri-headcanons-and-scenarios 3. pairing: joe mazzello x fem!reader warnings: just some swearing, kinda long???. queen stan. Originally posted by tom-hollcnd •You believed in heros. Queen E Queen Band Queen Drawing Queen Movie Killer Queen Freddie Mercury Rami Malek Wattpad Queen Read Dibujos zukhulentoz (part 2) from the story Imágenes Queen by Valseph (Kenway) with 1,103 reads. If you want my review or thoughts, it’s all under the How RICH are you?? - Platinum Edition Welcome to the MONEY Series, where I draw up how rich everybody is. Usually she “Hey Hartley,” you asked. It’s a bloody day in the book world… and that’s a good thing. But what if the guitarist of your rival band has other thoughts? The L Word - Brian comes home after weeks on tour, and you decide to surprise him with his favorite meal. -The band’s music is very “fuck authority” but they have a big following. I finally made a ghoul guide. onliafaze said: BnHA headcanons please. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Mlp scenes than Pornhub! It's been a really long time since OoT so some traditions are bound to change. Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. Sub! Peter Headcanons Smut! Peter is actually such a sub and I have now expressed my feelings towards his subby-ness • Y/N and Peter started dating in high school, they met in band practice and Y/N Okay so I started this last Sunday and it took a lot longer than I expected. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. 25 Dec 2018 Roger Taylor Pregnancy Headcanons/Timeline(Part 3: The the drama queen that he is, Roger would just end up in whatever mood you were  An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. ASK BOX = OPEN . Usually, their dates are low-energy and always end with them just going home, putting in a movie, and cuddling for the rest of the night. My headcanon for thousand year door is that pre-thousand year door is that the Shadow queen led a genocide against of the other species with an army purely based of dragons/draconic species, demons, ghosts and possibly the undead. Clearly Gerudos aren't a band of thieves anymore. It’s been a labour of love and incredibly rewarding. To the surprise of herself, she grows a soft spot for him too. With the help of the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, I have been hit with Queen fever and I hope it never goes away 😳💕 Neh Neh Interview (Inverview of Queen first time in Korea and they look so confused aw) Little band argumentation (outtake - so funny) Queen Hot Space Interview (German sound) Queen in Rio 1985; Brian introducing Killer Queen at the Earl’s Court in 1977 Freddie playing drums and Roger playing the guitar funfair: 4th of july bursting with fireworks and pride for freedom. Playing shows every day kept him trim for years, but as soon as Hey hey hey! Here's where I'm going to upload all of my poly!Queen prompts/headcanons from my tumblr! Each chapter will have a different rating because some are fluffier and some are smuttier. adult-sasuke:. ) Billy is a HUGE Billy Joel fan, but also likes Mayday Parade. >> Not spoiler free} Your husband is one-fourth of the internationally famous band Queen, and it’s just part of your everyday to travel all over and watch their stadium shows from backstage, usually with your little boy in tow. Jotaro’s favorite couple style of dancing would be the American Foxtrot. that post was right i wouldn’t have a sense of humor without spongebob. Headcanons Moodboards NSFW An imagines blog for any and all fandoms. your friends run with an inescapable urgency to get onto the next ride you’ve been dancing in the Ace Copular x Reader: NSFW Headcanons . my post my fic queen headcanon genderbend!queen genderbend! maylor  10 Jan 2019 Queen. Bohemian Rhapsody. Disabled Queen Headcanons. supercat/swan queen (on a good day) so she buys a ring, green to match cat’s eyes and the band is black, black black “So, Roger, how’s your music group?” your dad asked, not quite grasping the concept of a band as big as Queen. Some of my friends who just got into Ghost or just can’t tell them apart needed a little help and i love Ghouls so i had alot of fun doing these actually! Headcanons. BnHA short scenarios please. The Queen Will Conquer Sal Fisher Headcanons (I like to believe that they are a band) - would make an amazing comic book/graphic novel. Another Queen - After being kicked out of your own band, your dreams are shattered. The boys see you dance to your favourite song that they wrote. I MISS WRITING SO MUCH. the two of you have made a habit of drinking tea together in the afternoons so you start bringing him tea while he’s working ; you buy it from his favorite place and you could order his favorite drink in your sleep 3. For this reason, she is the Avengers' best nightmare support. For anyone paying attention to their tour grosses or synchs, it's no Queen - John Deacon, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor and Brian . At all. kind of a small think piece or headcanons. I know trashimagines did some headcanons with my kinky headcanons, but that’s the only one I can remember off the top of my head and I can;t remember if any of them were fics. Without the original artist this video wouldn't even exist, so make sure to check them out: https://emzurl. mari. I'm guessing after Ganondorf or a few more generations of corrupt kings they were probably like "eh, this isn't a good way of running things. hmu with asks anytime for headcanons or what idk having a child with gwilym lee [headcanons] Originally posted by daffodilmydear “May I request headcanons (or a fic, whichever’s easier) of Gwilym and reader having a child together? I feel as if Brian would spoil them to no end! Thank you in advance, and keep up the amazing work!! ️” - Anon band headcanons. After competitions, they always go out for ice cream together. Duncan’s known for showing up late or not at all sometimes to rehearsals or photo shoots, but unknownst to those who aren’t in the band, he writes a lot of the songs. The place was so full of kids they couldn’t even walk without bumping in someone. “Oh, me band’s playing Thursday, at a little club across the hardware store, if you’d like to come. I do fics and headcanons, and liveblogging. This is a blog for all the theories/headcanons of the fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! None of the posts on this blog are canon, nor are any of them my personal headcanons unless otherwise stated. You met Roger, Brian, and John through your best friend, Freddie. He likes quickies a lot. -He’s very big on kissing you all over, even in public. “What do you call an apology written in dots and dashes,” you started. Thank you omg! I pride myself to trying to always keep it as canonical and true to character as I can, so thanks . ‘i’m a friend of the guitarist. You were aware of how much Brian loved his father, and how he always wanted to make him proud. You accidentally end up Schizophrenic/psychotic people are especially vulnerable to various types of abuse and we need to talk about it. Although, Kai is also up there in some cases. It always changes. tumblr. Anonymous said: Could you do some Freddie x Male reader headcanons please? Answer: OH GOSH. Hi, I've read your latest post for headcanons needed for a user with Supernatural Beauty, and I have to ask, what is it that you're having trouble with? If you've read the article of Supernatural Beauty I would think it would be obvious as to what would to your character in the situations that you've described. It's always nice if you show us what you've done! Go to a random headcanon. Not because of the fights, the long times away. Some posts may be NSFW, and will be tagged as such. * Enoch to Jacob: I say this to you as a friend who likes to see you get hurt. templates-office. · when he returned, he visited you before he saw the band and jim. Megatron got a crush on Optimus' human s/o. Anonymous said: Lee taemin headcanons for being schoolmates with him? Answer: I love highschool!au headcanons and high school aus in general tbh • he’s the kid that everyone loves • Taemin’s funny, The devastating Tree Wars have left the LeafWings near extinction and the SilkWings to live as the subservient second-class dragons under Queen Wasp and her HiveWing subjects. I think you could say that some characters I hc as Middle Easteners and/or from countries of the Arab League are Muslim, but concretely I’d say Vivi and Law are Muslims. When you wake up he extinguishes the cigarette and peppers your face with kisess. 2 (nsfw) Also that year, Queen released another compilation, Queen Forever, which was anchored by reworked versions of three old songs, including a solo number by Mercury where he duetted with Michael Jackson. (I understand if you cant fulfill this one as I didnt add much Headcanons. The paparazzi have snapped some risqué pics of him all over your neck Headcanon that Kaoru turns to mush whenever she’s alone with Tomoe because she doesn’t need to keep up the prince-persona, while Tomoe is completely embarrassed whenever Kaoru does use it on her in public Submission #2495. Van Halen . headcanons for soft ben on set. Browse Pages. At first she’d observe quietly from the corner as not to be seen or heard. Nikki Queen Masterlist. can i get some silly jealousy headcanons with la squadra? their s/o holds a stuffed animal every night instead of them, how well do they take it? you can make them share a room/house if its easier, thank u! Anonymous said: Being the only girl in Queen pls darling Answer: 99% sure this has been done before but we’ll do it Being the only girl; • When you first came into the group Freddie show how talented More Awakening Headcanons **spoilers ahead** - Chrom has insomnia after Emm’s death and during the two year time skip due to the pressure of being the ruler of Ylisse and his wife being pregnant. I’ve never written for him before and I wasn’t really sure which direction I should run in with this. The boys have had a little too much to drink…Lets see how their doing shall we… Natsuki: Is the one that giggles like a child slurs on all his words; Will randomly talk tell stories that have nothing to do with anything but believes everyone should listen because he finds it entertaining A Hard Day’s Night. Joe Mazzello; Meeting Joe At A Party : Readers goes to a party where she doesn't know anyone until Joe approaches her. In a club, drunk off your mind, the same as him, and telling him that he “really looked like the cute boy in Queen. The 2017 Masterlist is up. slutfordeacy-mazello said: headcanon brian may proposal to reader Answer: i’m so soft after writing this wow. bohemian rhapsody queen imagines queen band imagines borhap x reader roger taylor x reader benhardy!rogertaylor x reader roger taylor smut roger taylor headcanon roger taylor drabble roger taylor x you roger taylor headcanons roger taylor roger taylor imagines roger taylor blurbs DISABLED-QUEEN-HC MASTERLIST This masterlist will list every thing I’ve written under each band members name. Their classic line-up was Freddie Mercury (lead vocals and piano), Brian May (lead guitar and vocals),   Sugar Daddy Queen Headcannons . And I’m throwing it all away by joining a rock band. He was eventually pardoned after proving to be a surprisingly adept Growler pilot. Please note that I do not own any of the gifs used and if you see any of your own gifs, then message me and I will happily put your name in the tags, to give credit where credit is due or remove it if that is what you wish. “Do you want to hear a joke?” “What is it,” he replied. On days the band didn’t practice he usually practiced alone unless you weren’t working. Lead Guitarist for glam metal band War queen fandom queen band queen freddie mercury freddie fucking mercury 70s freddie freddie mercury 1974 queen live. Relationship Headcanons. Reader in the military (+ the BoRhap Boys) Getting in a car accident . Hope everyone had a good day! This is headcanons for some of the guy’s reactions to their S/o surprising them with a saucy gift. Zexion - Sort of a jack of all trades type of guy. pls send me asks (send in whatever u want i couldn’t care less) i just wanna write and talk to u guys marry me headcanons. Mal wasn’t expecting to end up with anyone at all, let alone someone who wears the uniforms Ben wears. - The team is like a family and always have each other’s backs. Sleepy Roger Taylor Headcanon Fluff. He is the jealous type, and this shows especially if other members of HEAVENS when they talk to his Angel. Other out-dated practices probably got thrown out with time, too. Teenagers are in between the ages of 13 and 19. Queen were an English rock band originally consisting of four members: vocalist and pianist Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May, bass guitarist John Deacon, and drummer Roger Taylor. Song stuck in head: Dancing queen from Abba And if you actually get strong enough to at least somewhat back up your recklessness, you’re pretty much free to join her band of mercenaries any time; Honestly, even if you don’t get physically stronger, she’s still proud of your bravery; She might, however, pick you up and carry you out of situations that are too dangerous. Sorry this took so long! :) 12 notes. Soulmate r. Anonymous asked: What would be your headcanons for a very horny Brian and virgin Reader having their first time? i am so sorry this took so long, i just never had the motivation to write it till now so hope you like it anon xx “are you absolutely certain, love?” he asks you, his thumb caressing your cheek Glam Rock Monarch Masterlist Smut/mentions of smut= * Smut-ier = ** Angst = X Triggering =⚠️ Queen Fiction 70’s Versions • Meeting the band • How they react to you coming home with a puppy • Living Queen . this is my first time writing anything for queen, so please don’t judge too harshly if i mess up or make any mistakes. (I understand if you cant fulfill this one as I didnt add much hey! behind door number 2 is… @vivilevone! (that’s me) Alright anon, I’m not sure if you mean Persephone interacting with Hades kids, so I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess you just want separate HCs for Persephone and Hades’ kids. imaginethehaikyuukids:. If he practiced with the band he would be long gone at the studio. does it have a plot? barely. its still some of the goddamn funniest shit i’ve ever seen. South Park Headcanons -senior canons- -Butters joins band in freshman year. jordenstiver said: I rlly liked the “s/o loses their eyesight” scenario for the boys but if you haven’t yet could you do one for Bakugou pretty please? Answer: Bakugou “Take my hand” Bakugou scowls as personal hetalia headcanons 2- Alfred's(USA) spine is the rocky mountains. Okay while all the other boys are speaking gibberish with google translate, Tsukishima throws out a sick burn in perfect Korean, which he learned because he got a K-Pop phase back in his 1st year of middle school that he never managed to get out of. 12 notes Mar 22, 2019- This Pin was discovered by Molli Giles. first off, you come right out the gate with some obviously false bullshit. First and foremost, every day is cranberry pie day While students do have robes, the clothes they wear underneath the robes are not uniforms. Queen. itimagines, sophialillis, itmovie. Two years later, it is done. word count: 1,404. Nicknames-Queen. Bandog was convicted for the murder of Full Band and placed in a penal unit. Originally posted by wildling-heart. flayvus said: A scenario were reader keeps showing PDA towards Bakugou and Todoroki (seperate ofc!) I just find a bashful Bakugou cute. Joseph probably taught it to him. Game of Thrones Masterlist Here is a list of my GoT work so far! Robb Stark: No Words (Drabble/Short One-Shot x Reader) Carrying Robb Stark’s baby would include (Headcanons) A Northern Light (Got x These are heroes who are teenagers. Ivar (Vikings) x plus size reader headcanons. When she finds out that she’s working for another multi-billionaire superhero (the superheroing being a major factor why she left Wayne Enterprises and Queen Industries), she consoles herself the fact that at least there’s no creepy teenaged sidekick to deal From a canon perspective, we do know that Corvo did kill people - but got the low chaos ending. Sign up to the mailing list below for updates about new releases, ticket pre-sales & exclusive music downloads from QUEEN. ” he stated rather casually for such a heavy topic. Released: 10 July 1964 Recorded: 29 January – 2 June 1964 A Hard Day’s Night is the third studio album by the English rock band the Beatles, released on 10 July 1964, with side one containing songs from the soundtrack to their film of the same name. One day, an open declaration is posted on one of the more popular technology related image-boards, inviting the internet community to band together and puzzle out the identity of (♕ ALICE ♕), a prominent vigilante hacker who suddenly appeared a few months ago and began releasing compromising documents about important public figures. I finally finished my summer class so get your ships and dad mars headcanons in now. So I have a few things I’m writing right now but none of them are ready, so here are some headcanons of how you (reader) and Deacy first met. His s/o is his Heaven sent Angel, and he can be very possessive of her. Thank you for everyone who has read and commented on this story. I adore this request, I am just not sure if I’m the right person for this BUT I will happily give this my Feedee!Roger Headcanons They’re after the cut…. You were sitting next to him, chatting to Veronica and John, who sat across the table. Fifty years later, young SilkWing Blue's peaceful life is turned upside-down when his sister Luna is stolen away by the HiveWings after undergoing her Metamorphosis. He will only show his soft and caring side to you! This precious baby will spoil you, nothing is too good for his Queen. Source: mothership-queen. See more ideas about Queen, Queen band and Killer queen. •She’d buy you a cool band T-shirt and force you to wear it cause it suits you •"Shut up and wear it, you look gorgeous in it okay? For me?“ •Sometimes you would go to a rock concert with her, or an acoustic set, both are just as perfect as long as you are by her side •I feel like shopping isn’t a chore when its with Jennie I know it’s short, but I wanted to put something out for valentines day since it was requested. Don’t overtag or Queen Meme Queen Drawing Rock Y Metal Roger Taylor Queen Queen Art Queen Freddie Mercury Killer Queen Brian May Save The Queen Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. mr. Rosa was eventually crowned Queen of Erusea after it was discovered that all other relatives of the royal family had emigrated to other countries. Outed - Platonic!Queen x Bi Fem! Reader • Sypnosis: As the stand in bassist for a band notorious for their frontman who was unapologetically gay, no one expected you to feel so insecure and terrified Anonymous said: hi dorm headcanons for bnha please? Answer: hi this has been sitting in my inbox for a month so first of all i apologize, and second im gonna make these memes extra dank this time,,, Would also have his band play for you before the soundcheck, just so the instruments weren’t too loud. Saix - Plays the keyboard in a Queen-esque band. People can fight me on this, but personally I'd say Kai and Jay just because I feel like they have the most in common and would make the most inside jokes. t was this requested? no. I got to catch a break for the holidays thankfully, but we’re better than ever. "write what you know so they say all i know is i don't know what to write, or the right way to write it" Yandere Peter Parker/ Spider-Man headcanons Sfw + Nsfw. 3m Followers, 53 Following, 865 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Queen (@officialqueenmusic) The boys see you dance to your favourite song that they wrote. The 2017 page and the FAQ have been updated. Yamato is not the most open about his feelings, so when he is upset about something it will take a lot of prying until you actually find out the problem so you can fix it. #428. “We’re in the middle of a tour right now, actually. If you have a DC headcanon send it to my inbox as an ask. ) Morning routine. doubledeaky’s masterlist (denotes smut *) (ALL individuals represented in my mature writings are of or above the age of consent and I discourage anyone under the age of 18 from reading the ones indicated as sexually explicit!) joe mazzello as a dad ♡ headcanons. The Exchange gifts have all been posted. John always wakes up first and when he does he pulls you closer to him, careful not to wake you up. krabs and spongebob killing the health inspector. for loser_for_lifexxwarni roger taylor roger x reader roger taylor x reader bohemian rhapsody borhap queen queen band queen imagine queen imagines ben hardy benhardy!rogertaylor joe mazzello gwilym lee rami malek freddie mercury john deacon brian may queen headcanons roger taylor headcanon roger taylor imagine headcanons queen queen band borhrap borhap boys gwilym lee ben hardy joe mazzello rami malek freddie mercury john deacon roger taylor brian may rami malek x reader Queen - considered the most vital member of a hive, the queen is responsible for maintaining the numbers of a hive, and as such, is the de-facto leader and regarded as such in the eyes of the hive. If your epilepsy did start acting up, Manson would be surprisingly calm… Anonymous said: Zane angst headcanons? Tv show or movie Answer: yEs I love some good Zane angst Hope you like it! ^^ • Zane doesn’t fully understand his emotions, but he still can decipher them • When Big Band Bombshell 18+ for written smut content. After Yukina noticed her presence, Rinko started accompanying her. Welcome! Scenarios, fanfictions, and headcanons dedicated for Bungou Stray Dogs. Detailed headcanon requests are closed What others are saying absurdindecencies: “ reuploading some older work because i still love this picture. The Official Queen Website. Drunk STARISH headcanons. Nicknames-Beatles. Going to a Women’s March Headcanons Okay so I started this last Sunday and it took a lot longer than I expected. com. Similar can be assumed for Emily, as generally when considering game canon the developers will go with what has the most interesting story – and while turning Dunwall/Karnaca to anarchy might be fun from a player’s perspective, it’s very hard to continue in a balanced direction. thinking about maybe redoing it once i get back from houston, definitely want to draw more polaroid pictures ” When Frozen came out, everybody at the mansion was teasing Bobby about being an ‘Ice Queen’ until he decided to accept it and sang Let It Go non-stop wherever he went. Methods of rule vary from queen to queen, some allowing her alpha warriors and drones to decide much of the hive's issues and situations, only Lexaeus - Plays the drums in a rock band, but has done country before and is unashamed of it. I read through all the older headcanons, and I really agree with all the ones about Violet being super affectionate in an innocent way. Tags Headcanons only Following Search. com/post/154101170901/mlb-masquerader-01 An ffxv ffxv headcanons ffxv windows edition final fantasy xv final fantasy ffxv ravus ravus nox fleuret queen queen band i want to break free vine rip vine 5 notes Feb 20th, 2019 Open in app uwu queen headcanons yeehaw queen bohemian rhapsody borhap queen band freddie mercury john deacon queen imagines roger taylor ben hardy queen memes bohemian (Jake thought Voltron was a band) every Halloween the squip squad gets together to go trick-or-treating and watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (Jake refuses to throw anymore Halloween parties) despite burning his house down Jake doesn’t care and he and Rich are still best buds Deaky Headcanons (A/N- These are my first ever headcanons let me know what you think. He spat out and rinsed. But whatever this world can give to you, your little family is all you’ve ever needed, and you and John are always happy at home. Maybe the reader is wearing shorts for once, and he’s like super distracted by the bands? Tyilysm Ecstatic Queen Bri 💞👑 I heard Queen songs all my life, but I think I can call myself a fan on January 3rd, 2019. Those will get filled eventually. By the Devs' design, he and meat-fisted Wreck-It Ralph do our game proud, rakin' in the quarters. all-hail-queen-of-trash-kree liked ask op wanted fluff but my hands slipped at the end if any of yall tag this as ship ill come to your house and pour milk in your shoes :) just in case because the part with maggie and joan might look shippy but theyre just lesbian sisters who will protect each other bandily band as family ladies in waiting bessie on the bass maria on the drums >>Both Zoey and Mike are into the band Coheed and Cambria. Enoch: If you don’t take that ring back right now you are This is where all of my characters. If you don't like someone's headcanon, please don't be rude about it! ponies prancing I’ve gotten quite a few, and while they’re fun to write, my passion is really self-insert lol. After spending 13 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen is just about ready for movie -ukelele queen-p a l e. Queen Band Masterlist. He placed a kiss on your forehead before leaving into the spare studio room. -(Queen Headcanons) A/N: I think I got a little carried away and the headcanons are a little long, but still hope you like it. prizes being won and games being lost with a never ending amount of barbecued food and good vibes. Brian May; Fat Bottom Girls Headcanon : Reader is insecure about her butt so Brian writes her a song. It took them over a month to make him stop (and that was only because Wolverine pinned him down and threatened to tear him limb from limb. including my active Muses, are. • Since they’re both quiet, they prefer to spend quality time together in silence. 2Dace Headcanons I Can’t Stop Thinking About 1) They cannot keep themselves off each other. If you don’t want copious amounts of literary analysis, ignore this. Its my favorite in here. Alistair has a pet Bandersnatch named Rook, after the chess piece. Request or submit any headcanons you may like! Please read the guidelines before submitting or requesting headcanons. Eichi Otori. HEADCANONS / BLURBS. Yeah, Fix-It Felix Jr, livin' band-aid for the eyesore of Niceland and its twitchy tenants. If you’re used to doubting your own perceptions and relying on other people for reality checks, you’re much more vulnerable to gaslighting. did i plan this out? no. He tried to fight, but before he knew it, a sharp pain struck through the back of his head, and everything faded to black. You man, it’s been QUITE some time since i’ve posted here, eh? sorry about that! i’m a bad mod, haha. I MISS YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!! u really have no idea. It’s a dance that’s smooth, long, and meant for grace. queen band headcanons

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